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Hosting Inquiries

I do not own a shooting range... yet... so in order for me to teach classes, I need range owners gracious enough to host me as a guest instructor. Below, I've listed the basic requirements I have to have in order to teach my classes properly. If your range can accommodate those needs please reach out! Ide love to work with you!

Range Requirements

  • Range must be able to accommodate a full class size (20 people)

  • Access to target stands and sticks for up to 20 people (flying with 20 target stands is no fun)

  • At least 25 yards long

  • Range must be no more than a 1 hour drive from a major airport (there are exceptions to this rule)

  • Range must notify range members about the class at least 90 days before the class date

Benefits To Hosting:

  • You shoot the class for free!

  • I come to you!

  • You can collect range fees from students taking the class, separate from my class fee!

  • We get to be friends!... or not... that's really up to you

  • Your range members will have a lot of fun!

  • I will list you as a partner range on my website

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